Is there stress in your household due to all of the clutter?

Ace of Space is a resource for busy homeowners who need help organizing their homes.

  • We will evaluate your space.
  • We will help you sort and organize your belongings.
  • We will create a system to make the things that you really need more accessible.
  • We will help you transform your house to a ‘clutter-free’ home.

My name is Noelle and as the owner of Ace of Space, I have many years of experience in sorting and organizing.

I live in Toronto’s Beach community. I was most fortunate to call Zurich, Switzerland home for two years where I learned how to be resourceful in the most efficient, organized country in the world!

I was the owner of Knickers In A Knot lingerie store, and owner and coach of the Gym Dandy gymnastics school both for 5 years. I also run a local business, The Teenage Tutors.

 I am ready for your clutter!!!!